Our Team

Executive Director

Xavier posing on the UT Austin Campus.

Xavier Rivera Marzán

Executive Director

Leadership Team

Roberto Del Real poses for a photo in front of a control room window.

Roberto Del Real

Director of Utilities for Energy Management & Strategic Programs

Leonard Friesenhahn poses for a photo in front of his office door.

Leonard Friesenhahn

Associate Director for Mechanical Distribution

Ryan Thompson, AD

Ryan Thompson

Director of Utilities for Operations

Rossen Tzartzev, AD

Rossen Tzartzev

Associate Director for Electrical Distribution & Elevator Services

Andi Ault Headshot

Andi Ault

Senior Associate Director of Finance and Administrative Services

Finance & Administrative Services Staff

Jessica Acosta-Barnes

Sr. Administrative Associate
Office: 512-471-8708

Dawn Bond

Administrative Coordinator
Office: 512-589-0035

Ana Castillo

Executive Assistant
Calendar and Scheduling
Office: 512-471-9631

Anthony Garza

Program Manager
Office: 512-471-1636

Robert Hernandez

Administrative Associate
Office: 512-471-5947

Christopher Longoria

Administrative Coordinator
Office: 512-677-1454

Tejas Pevekar

Associate Director
Office: 512-689-5822

Isidora Sanchez

Assistant Director of Support Services
Office: 512-471-2918

Laryssa Torres

Program Specialist
Office: 512-677-1455

Michael Trejo

Support Services Manager
Office: 512-232-5270

Campus Operations Staff

Valerie Nies

Director of Organizational Communications
Media Inquiries
Office: 512-627-7577

Business and Financial Support Staff

Loren Matus

Assistant Director for Contracts and Purchasing
Office: 512-232-5686

Vianey Borrego

Manager for Billing and Operating Accounts
Office: 512-471-4646