Our Services

The University of Texas at Austin’s utility system is operated by Utilities & Energy Management (UEM). UEM generates electricity and steam, provides high-voltage electrical distribution, produces and distributes chilled water, and maintains elevator and escalator systems. Below are some of our main services.

Business & Financial Services

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  • Finance Manager: Vianey Borrego
  • Contract Manager & Purchasing Supervisor: Loren Hinkle

Serves campus customers, vendors and UEM staff with billing, reporting, accounts payable, purchasing, vending services.

Electrical Distribution

  • Associate Director for Electrical Distribution & Elevators: Rossen Tzartzev, P.E.
  • Assistant Director for Electrical Distribution: Moses A. Kai, Ph.D.
  • Electrical Distribution Supervisor: Lucas A. Larson

Provides oversight of exterior electrical distribution system for the university’s main campus, off-campus student housing, Pickle Research Campus and Whitaker Fields. The electrical distribution network includes all of the equipment from the Power Plant or incoming power supply to each building’s main power switchgear.

Electrical Distribution (ED) maintains and repairs all system components: transformers, switches, street lights, sports lighting, breakers, and associated equipment. ED also services emergency standby electrical systems, protective devices and controls, revenue metering and monitoring.

Elevator Services

  • Associate Director for Electrical Distribution & Elevators: Rossen Tzartzev, P.E.
  • Elevator Manager: Matthew Pike

Responsible for the operation, maintenance, and inspection of elevators, escalators, wheelchair lifts, and dumbwaiters. Provides and reviews specifications for both modernization and new construction projects.

Energy Management & Strategic Programs

  • Director for Energy Management & Strategic Programs: Roberto Del Real, P.E.
  • Assistant Director for Process Controls: Eduardo Juvera
  • Assistant Director for Electrical Power: Akram Abderrahmani
  • Assistant Director for Energy Management: Adam Keeling, P.E.
  • Engineering Manager: Nicholas J. Schroeder
  • Strategic Programs Manager: Nelson B. Bishop, P.E.

Provides energy efficiency in campus buildings and in the power plant through innovation, state-of-the-art technologies and optimization tools.

Energy Management & Strategic Programs (EMSP) oversees the following service areas:

  • Campus Energy Management
  • Plant Energy Management
  • Electrical and Instrumentation
  • Instruments and Controls
  • Metering and Controls
  • Programming

Mechanical Distribution

  • Associate Director for Mechanical Distribution: Leonard Friesenhahn, P.E.
  • Mechanical Distribution Manager: Jim Shrull
  • Plant Maintenance Supervisor: Thomas R. Parker

Operates and maintains a network of distribution piping, valves, meters and other components to provide the following services:

  • potable, irrigation, reclaimed, and deionized water
  • steam
  • natural gas
  • compressed air as well as a network of recovered water
  • wastewater and stormwater collection systems

Manages the UT Dig Safe program for on campus excavation/utility tap requests.


  • Associate Director for Power Plant & Chilling Stations: Ryan L. Thompson, P.E.
  • Assistant Director of Plant Operations: Clay L. Looney
  • Chiller Maintenance Manager: Steven E. Schoelzel
  • Assistant Director of Plant Maintenance: Chase Dube

Generates electric power, chilled water, heating steam and hot water, and other auxiliary utility services for main campus buildings connected to distribution networks.

Project Management

  • Senior Project Manager: Todd W. Shaw
  • Project Manager: Jordan Rosinski

Facilitates early planning of utility infrastructure serving UT Austin campus construction projects through close coordination with the campus, Capital Planning and Construction (CPC) and the City of Austin.

Advocates for the consistent adoption of UEM design guidelines, standards and specifications across all UT System and campus projects.

Provides administrative management of large utility expansion projects, maintenance and renovation and refurbishment projects to ensure these projects are built to the university’s standards of quality and efficiency while being on time and within budget.

Support Services

  • Associate Director for Support Services: Tejas Pevekar, PMP
  • Assistant Director of Support Services: Isidora Sanchez
  • Safety Program Manager: Anthony Garza
  • Support Services Manager: Michael Trejo

Provides centralized support functions and services to the operational divisions of UEM in the areas of strategic initiatives, administrative planning, communications, budget preparation, safety programs and safety training.