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UEM Personnel Resources

Summary of Benefits, Salary, Check/Payments

To learn more about your benefits, such as insurance, time off, employee services, training, and retirement programs, visit the Human Resource Services Web site.

For specific questions on your salary, refer to your immediate supervisor for assistance.

For check/payment online services visit the Payroll Services Web site for the following services:

  • Paycheck Profile
    Employees can use UT Direct to update their Paycheck Profile information including: W-2 address, check distribution, direct-deposit bank information, and tax-withholding information.
  • Electronic Earning Statement
    View your earnings statement online.
  • W-2s
    Payroll Services offers W-2 forms on the Web via UT Direct. Employees can access their W-2 data at any time, and reprint the forms if needed.

Work-Related Injuries

Employees should report their injuries immediately to their immediate supervisor and to Human Resources Support Services. For serious or life-threatening injuries call 911 or UTPD and immediately contact Human Resources Support Services at 512-471-5466.

For minor injuries contact HealthPoint Occupational Health Program (OHP), the on-site campus clinic, at 512-471-4647 for information or to schedule an appointment.

Employee and supervisor must report all injuries (even minor ones) by completing the following forms and submit to Human Resources Support Services for processing:

For more information on Workers' Compensation Insurance visit Human Resources Support Services.

Time Reports

  • Submit your time report electronically through UT Direct using your UT EID.
  • If your time reports are paper, you must submit your time report for the previous week to your timekeeper by the deadline listed on the Payroll’s semi-monthly schedule.

To report time sheet errors please follow the steps below:

  • Electronic Time Report (ETR): If you file an electronic time report and it has not reached the final approval stage, you can recall it, make corrections, and resubmit it to your supervisor for approval. If your time report has reached final approval, your timekeeper will order a paper time report and have it sent to your supervisor for corrections, and you and your supervisor must sign the report and return it to Personnel Services.
  • Manual Time Report: If you file a paper time report, it will be returned to you after you notify your supervisor of the error. You must then correct the time report, initial the corrections yourself, and have your supervisor initial the corrections. Then, return the corrected time report to Personnel Services.

Taking Course Work During the Workday


Utilities employees may request approval to register for up to three semester hours of coursework per long-session semester or summer session per university policy: Taking Course Work During the Workday (See HOP 7.E.4). Employees may use up to three hours of work per week to attend a college level course at The University of Texas at Austin or any other local college or university.

Definition of Local

"Local college or university" is defined as located within the Austin city limits. An employee may request to attend a college or university located outside the Austin city limits. These cases will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Travel Time

Reasonable travel time to and from class may be included as work time. Utilities defines reasonable travel time as no more than 30 minutes each way to class.

Approval Process

Employees should submit requests to take coursework to their supervisor, assistant/associate director, and then to the executive director of Utilities for review and approval. The request will be reviewed to determine if the proper disposition of work can be made to accommodate the coursework.

Type of Coursework SEB Utilities Time
UT Austin (Only) yes yes yes
Local College/University no yes yes
Professional Development/ Certification no yes
During Workday yes yes yes
Not During Workday yes yes
Job Related yes yes yes
Not Job Related yes no yes

Summary of Benefit Type (For more detailed information, see the Utilities Employee Manual)

Staff Education Benefit (SEB): Covers the cost of tuition for courses found in The University of Texas at Austin Official Course Schedule.

Utilities (Departmental Policy): The Utilities and Energy Management Department will pay for classes per semester, not to exceed $500, for employees to attend a college, trade school, or professional development course that is related to the current position or associated with trades/positions within Utilities.

Time (taking coursework during the workday): Utilities permits an eligible employee to take college coursework during the workday under the guidelines established in this policy.