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Division Contacts

Divison, Contact Name Phone Number E-mail address
Administrative Services
Isidora Sanchez
512-471-2918 isidora.sanchez@austin.utexas.edu
Business and Financial Srvcs - Utility Billing
Vianey Borrego
512-471-4646 vianey.chavarria@austin.utexas.edu
Business and Financial Srvcs - Contracts & Purchasing Services
Ken Bonin
512-232-6296 ken.bonin@austin.utexas.edu
Electrical Distribution & Elevator Services
Rossen Tzartzev
512-471-4467 rossen.tzartzev@austin.utexas.edu
Energy Management & Optimization
Roberto Del Real
512-471-8810 roberto.delreal@austin.utexas.edu
Mechanical Distribution
Leonard Friesenhahn
512-471-1600 leonard.friesenhahn@austin.utexas.edu
Power Plant and Chilling Stations
Mike Manoucheri
512-471-8818 michael.manoucheri@austin.utexas.edu