Utility services continue amid coronavirus

Operational status: Utilities and Energy Management (UEM) continues to provide utility services to the UT Main Campus and Pickle Research Center 24/7. Business operations are fully remote.

To report a utility outage, please call the Facilities Service Center, at 512-471-2020.

For outage alerts, notifications, and updates, follow us on Twitter.

Utility Operations Normal

We produce one hundred percent of the energy required to keep the UT Austin campus up and running 24 hours/day, year round. The COVID-19 pandemic has not significantly affected our services, and we continue to provide electricity, chilled water, steam, deionized water, compressed air, emergency power and elevator services to the university.

What We're Doing

At UEM, safety is a core value, and we are committed to the well-being of our fellow employees, ourselves, and the campus community. As a result of COVID-19, we have implemented several safety precautions.

We remain supportive and flexible with work schedules, and employees who are able to work remotely are doing so.

Those who continue to perform essential services on campus have been provided with Essential Maintenance and Utilities Guidance developed by Environmental Health and Safety (EHS). They have been instructed with protocols for hand washing, face coverings, and social distancing, and are taking extra care to keep work areas clean and disinfected. We are further ensuring the safety of our employees by alternating work schedules and providing the proper PPE where possible.

Access to our facilities has been restricted to essential employees, suppliers, and services.

Other Work on Campus

Essential work continues to be performed in all areas, including power plant operations, maintenance, controls, instrumentation, operational control systems metering, and billing for services.

Our electrical distribution (ED) division continues to monitor the campus electrical distribution system and perform routine maintenance and repairs as needed. Projects include building emergency generators and installing, repairing, and monitoring campus lighting. The elevator services team is operating as normal to ensure all campus elevators are functioning properly and to address any malfunctions that may occur.

To ensure water quality in campus fire hydrants, our mechanical distribution (MD) division is routinely flushing the UT-owned fire hydrants to ensure a chlorine residual of greater than 0.5 ppm. This will ensure that the water delivered to campus buildings via the UT water distribution system meets the state regulatory minimum disinfectant residual. MD will continue to monitor the distribution system chlorine residuals and flush fire hydrants throughout the duration of the campus closure.

Stewards and analysts in our Energy Management and Optimization (EMO) unit are working to implement an HVAC setback schedule for buildings with no or low occupancy. The schedules are similar to what is currently used on weekends and extended holidays.

Each of our divisions also supports projects in Facilities Planning and Management on the Main Campus and Pickle Research Center.