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About Us

Our Organization

Utilities and Energy Management (UEM) is part of the Planning, Energy and Facilities unit within the Financial and Administrative Services senior vice-president and chief finanical officer portfolio. We are responsible for providing reliable and cost-effective electricity, chilled water, steam, deionized water, compressed air, emergency power, and elevator services for The University of Texas at Austin.

We have more than 170 employees and are organized into the following three divisions: Electrical Distribution, Mechanical Distribution, and Power Plant and Chilling Stations. Our Administrative Services such as billing, purchasing, etc. are overseen by the Business & Financial Services Department. For more information on our divisions, read about our services.

Strategic plan


We are a first-class organization efficiently and reliably providing the highest quality utility services to the university with a commitment toward stewardship of resources.


Energy and Motion Providing the Power to Achieve


We value reliable, responsive, cost-effective and safe utility services provided through teamwork, competence, and foresight. We operate under the following core values:

  • Reliability
  • Teamwork
  • Safety in all Aspects
  • Foresight
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Delivery of Uninterrupted Services


1. Respond to Campus Growth

Objective 1.1: Maintain power generation margin (short term).

Objective 1.2: Meet electrical, steam, and chilled water load growth (long term) while reducing fuel consumption.

Objective 1.3: Meet chilled water load growth (long term) while improving efficiency.

2. Improve Training Programs

Objective 2.1: Distinguish the department as the best trained university utility in the United States.

3. Develop a Campus Energy Master Plan

Objective 3.1: Strike a balance between fuel use, generation of energy, and the use of energy by the campus.