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Full Building Status List

OnlineACA (Online) Academic Annex

OnlineADH (Online) Almetris Duren Residence Hall

OnlineAHG (Online) Anna Hiss Gymnasium

OnlineANB (Online) Arno Nowotny Building

OnlineAND (Online) Andrews Dormitory

OnlineARC (Online) Animal Resources Center

OnlineART (Online) Art Building And Museum

OnlineATT (Online) At&t Executive Educ & Conf Center

OnlineBAT (Online) Batts Hall

OnlineBEL (Online) L. Theo Bellmont Hall

OnlineBEN (Online) Benedict Hall

OnlineBHD (Online) Brackenridge Hall Dorm

OnlineBIO (Online) Biological Laboratories

OnlineBLD (Online) Blanton Dormitory

OnlineBMA (Online) Jack S. Blanton Museum Of Art

OnlineBMC (Online) Belo Center For New Media

OnlineBME (Online) Biomedical Engineering Building

OnlineBMS (Online) Blanton Museum Smith Building

OnlineBOT (Online) Biological Greenhouse

OnlineBRB (Online) Bernard And Audre Rapoport Building

OnlineBRG (Online) Brazos Garage

OnlineBTL (Online) Battle Hall

OnlineBUR (Online) Burdine Hall

OnlineBWY (Online) 2616 Wichita

OnlineCAL (Online) Calhoun Hall

OnlineCBA (Online) College Of Business Administration

OnlineCCG (Online) Conference Center Garage

OnlineCCJ (Online) Connally Center For Justice

OnlineCDL (Online) Collections Deposit Library

OnlineCEE (Online) Continuing Engineering Education

OnlineCLA (Online) Liberal Arts Building

OnlineCMA (Online) Jesse H. Jones Comm. Ctr. (Bldg. A)

OnlineCMB (Online) Jesse H. Jones Comm. Ctr. (Bldg. B)

OnlineCOM (Online) Computation Center

OnlineCPE (Online) Chemical And Petroleum Engineering

OnlineCRB (Online) Computational Resource Building

OnlineCRD (Online) Carothers Dormitory

OnlineCRH (Online) Creekside Residence Hall

OnlineCS3 (Online) Central Chilling Station No. 3

OnlineCS4 (Online) Central Chilling Station No. 4

OnlineCS5 (Online) Central Chilling Station No. 5

OnlineCS6 (Online) Central Chilling Station No. 6

OnlineCS7 (Online) Central Chilling Station No. 7

OnlineDCP (Online) Denton A. Cooley Pavilion

OnlineDFA (Online) E. William Doty Fine Arts Building

OnlineDFF (Online) Ufcu Disch-Falk Field

OnlineECJ (Online) Ernest Cockrell Jr. Hall

OnlineEPS (Online) E.p. Schoch Building

OnlineERC (Online) Frank C Erwin Special Events Center

OnlineESS (Online) Engineering Student Services Bldg

OnlineETC (Online) Engineering Teaching Center Ii

OnlineFAC (Online) Peter T. Flawn Academic Center

OnlineFC1 (Online) Facilities Complex Bldg. 1

OnlineFC2 (Online) Facilities Complex Bldg. 2

OnlineFC3 (Online) Facilities Complex Bldg. 3

OnlineFC4 (Online) Facilities Complex Bldg. 4

OnlineFC5 (Online) Facilities Complex Bldg. 5

OnlineFC6 (Online) Facilities Complex Bldg. 6

OnlineFC7 (Online) Facilities Complex Bldg. 7

OnlineFC8 (Online) Facilities Complex Bldg. 8

OnlineFNT (Online) Larry R. Faulkner Nano Sci And Tech

OnlineGAR (Online) Garrison Hall

OnlineGDC (Online) Gates Dell Complex

OnlineGEA (Online) Mary E. Gearing Hall

OnlineGEB (Online) Dorothy L. Gebauer Building

OnlineGOL (Online) Goldsmith Hall

OnlineGRE (Online) Gregory Gymnasium

OnlineGSB (Online) Graduate School Of Business Bldg.

OnlineGWB (Online) Gordon-White Building

OnlineHMA (Online) Hogg Memorial Auditorium

OnlineHRC (Online) Harry Ransom Center

OnlineHRH (Online) Rainey Hall

OnlineHSM (Online) William Randolph Hearst Bldg

OnlineJES (Online) Beauford H. Jester Center

OnlineJGB (Online) Jackson Geological Sciences Bldg.

OnlineJHH (Online) John W. Hargis Hall

OnlineJON (Online) Jesse H. Jones Hall

OnlineKIN (Online) Kinsolving Dormitory

OnlineLBJ (Online) Lyndon B Johnson Library

OnlineLCH (Online) Littlefield Carriage House

OnlineLFH (Online) Littlefield Home

OnlineLLA (Online) Living Learning Hall A

OnlineLLB (Online) Living Learning Hall B

OnlineLLC (Online) Living Learning Hall C

OnlineLLD (Online) Living Learning Hall D

OnlineLLE (Online) Living Learning Hall E

OnlineLLF (Online) Living Learning Hall F

OnlineLTD (Online) Littlefield Dormitory

OnlineLTH (Online) Laboratory Theater Bldg.

OnlineMAG (Online) Manor Garage

OnlineMAI (Online) Main Building

OnlineMBB (Online) Moffett Molecular Biology Bldg.

OnlineMEZ (Online) Mezes Hall

OnlineMFH (Online) Richard Mithoff Trk/scr Fieldhouse

OnlineMHD (Online) Moore-Hill Dormitory

OnlineMMS (Online) Mike A.myers Track & Soccer Stadium

OnlineMNC (Online) Moncrief-Neuhaus Athletic Center

OnlineMRH (Online) Music Building & Recital Hall

OnlineMSB (Online) 2207 Comal (Mail Service Building)

OnlineNEZ (Online) North End Zone Building

OnlineNHB (Online) Norman Hackerman Building

OnlineNMS (Online) Neural And Molecular Science Bldg.

OnlineNOA (Online) North Office Building A

OnlineNUR (Online) Nursing School

OnlinePAC (Online) Performing Arts Center

OnlinePAI (Online) T.s. Painter Hall

OnlinePAR (Online) Parlin Hall

OnlinePAT (Online) J.t. Patterson Labs.bldg.

OnlinePCL (Online) Perry-Castaneda Library

OnlinePHD (Online) Prather Hall Dormitory

OnlinePHR (Online) Pharmacy Building

OnlinePOB (Online) Peter O'donnell Jr. Building

OnlinePPA (Online) Hal C. Weaver Power Plant Annex

OnlinePPB (Online) Printing And Press Bldg.

OnlinePPE (Online) Hal C Weaver Power Plant Expansion

OnlinePPL (Online) Hal C. Weaver Power Plant

OnlineRHD (Online) Roberts Hall Dormitory

OnlineRLM (Online) Robert Lee Moore Hall

OnlineRSC (Online) Recreational Sports Center

OnlineSAC (Online) Student Activity Center

OnlineSEA (Online) Sarah M. & Charles E. Seay Building

OnlineSER (Online) Service Building

OnlineSJG (Online) San Jacinto Garage

OnlineSJH (Online) San Jacinto Residence Hall

OnlineSRH (Online) Sid Richardson Hall

OnlineSSB (Online) Student Services Building

OnlineSSW (Online) School Of Social Work Building

OnlineSTD (Online) Darrell K Royal Tx Memorial Stadium

OnlineSUT (Online) Sutton Hall

OnlineSW7 (Online) 2617 Speedway (Ofc.bldg.)

OnlineSWG (Online) Speedway Garage

OnlineSZB (Online) George I. Sanchez Building

OnlineTES (Online) Thermal Energy Storage

OnlineTMM (Online) Texas Memorial Museum

OnlineTNH (Online) Townes Hall

OnlineTRG (Online) Trinity Garage

OnlineTSC (Online) Lee & Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Ctr

OnlineTSG (Online) 27Th Street Garage

OnlineUA9 (Online) 2609 University Avenue

OnlineUIL (Online) Univ. Interscholastic League Bldg.

OnlineUNB (Online) Union Building

OnlineUPB (Online) University Police Building

OnlineUTC (Online) University Teaching Center

OnlineUTX (Online) Etter-Harbin Alumni Center

OnlineWAG (Online) Waggener Hall

OnlineWCH (Online) Will C. Hogg Bldg.

OnlineWEL (Online) Robert A. Welch Hall

OnlineWIN (Online) F.l. Winship Drama Bldg.

OnlineWMB (Online) West Mall Office Bldg.

OnlineWRW (Online) W.r. Woolrich Labs.

OnlineWWH (Online) Walter Webb Hall