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Business & Financial Services - Procurement

Use this information for assistance with purchasing procedures.

Who to Contact:

If you need assistance or have questions about purchasing, contact Ken Bonin at 512-232-6296, or Ray Medearis at 512-232-1468.

Purchasing 101

Pro-Card Purchases

If you need an item in a hurry on an allowable purchase that is less than $999, you may use the department procurement credit card. Be sure to check with your supervisor for approval first. For all Pro-Card purchases, submit the Credit Card Purchase Request Form with an authorized signature to Accounts Payable. Note: it is against university policy to split orders in an effort to allow yourself to make a purchase on a Pro-Card.

Contact Purchasing for allowed Pro-Card purchases up to $4,500.

Visit the university’s Purchasing Web site to learn more about the Procurement Card Program.

Purchases less than $4,999

Provide your assigned departmental buyer with a Purchase Order Request signed by your supervisor. If you have any questions, please contact Ken Bonin at 512-232-6296. Under no circumstance should you authorize a vendor for goods or services without a procurement in place. You cannot “split” an order to avoid the bidding process.

Purchases between $5,000 and $25,000:

To make a purchase between $5,000 and $25,000, submit a Purchase Order Request to your departmental buyer within UEM. After you submit the request, your departmental buyer will obtain prices and availability through a quote-request process that includes requests for quotes from at least one woman-owned and one minority-owned vendor. Your departmental buyer will allow three to five days for the return of quotes, and the materials order will be awarded to the lowest bidder. You cannot “split” an order to avoid the bidding process.

Purchases more than $25,000:

To make purchases of more than $25,000, submit a Purchase Order Request to your departmental buyer within UEM. After you submit the form, your departmental buyer will process a Point Plus document and Purchasing will send out for formal bids. Formal bids will remain on the Web for a minimum of 14 days for orders less than $100,000 and will remain on the Web for a minimum of 21 days for orders more than $100,000. After the bid closes, you will be forwarded all bids and related materials to review. When you are done reviewing the information, forward all paperwork to Ken Bonin or your buyer along with your recommendation of who should be awarded the order. After final approval, the purchase order will be downloaded into the FAMIS system and all paperwork will be kept in a pending file while you await the arrival of your requested materials.

Emergency and Sole-Source Purchases

There may be times when it is not possible to follow the standard procedures for making purchases, in which case you will need to submit an Emergency Justification Form to Purchasing to get approval for your non-standard purchasing methods. The following are explanations of the only types of reasons you should submit a letter of this kind.

Emergency Purchases

You may submit an Emergency Justification Form in the event of an emergency. A valid emergency purchase is one that prevents hazard to life, health, safety, welfare or property, or avoids undue cost to the state. This means excuses such as, "This is a rush order" and "I don't have time to get bids" are not valid reasons to make an emergency purchase.

Sole-Source/No-Substitution Purchases

You may submit a Sole-Source Justification Form in the event that you know only one vendor is capable of providing the services or items you need. Another valid reason to submit this type of justification letter would be if there is only one authorized dealer in Texas who provides the item you need. Excuses, such as "This is for Dean Susie Q" and "This is a rush order" are not valid reasons to submit sole-source/no-substitution justification letters.

Buying Office Supplies

For all office supplies, notify your supervisor for approval and submit your request to Ray Medearis, 512-232-1468, or Ken Bonin, 512-232-6296.