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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit a request for travel or training?

Fill out the training/travel request form at least two weeks in advance and submit it to your immediate supervisor for approval. Attach any information on the training or travel request, such as training cost, registration links, etc. After all authorizing signatures are received, submit your training/travel request form to Ana Castillo for registration and payment. She will confirm registration and trip approval by email.

How do I get reimbursed for travel expenses?

Upon return from your trip, turn in all of your expense receipts within 30 days to Ana Castillo, PPE 5.308/H8000.

How much can I spend on a hotel and how much will I get in per diem?

The limit for hotel costs is $85 per day and the limit for per diem is $51, regardless of in-state or out-of-state travel.

If I paid taxes, can I get reimbursed for them?

It depends, we can pay city and occupancy taxes regardless of an in-state or out-of-state stay. We are exempt from paying state tax for travel within Texas, and must pay state taxes in other states. If you paid state taxes while traveling in Texas, please contact the hotel, submit a tax exempt form and request a refund.

When can I expect my reimbursement check and can I get that direct deposited?

You can expect to see your reimbursement within five to seven business days, in order to allow for time to gather all of the needed approvals. We can process your reimbursement to direct deposit into your account as long as you have that option designated in your paycheck profile. For help with this, please contact Ana Castillo at 512-471-9631.

What is a Fleet Card?

UEM has one fleet card that is available for use by the various UEM shops. You can only use the card for commercial fuel purchases and only for university vehicles. For questions regarding the card or to use the card, contact Leticia Amaro at 512-471-9632 or Dawn Sample at 512-471-4572.

How do I go about obtaining safety shoes or goggles?

Notify your immediate supervisor or contact Jonathan Villanueva at 512-232-7531.

What are the requirements for driving a university vehicle?

You must have a valid Texas driver’s license, be appointed as an employee or be paid through a flat rate agreement, have an acceptable driving rating, and have completed a driver’s training course within the past three years. To register for driver’s training, contact our Safety Office at 512-232-7531.

Who do I contact to place orders on business cards, ink stamps, and office supplies?

If you need to order business cards, customized ink stamps, or office supplies, contact Ray Medearis at 512-232-1468 or Ken Bonin at 512-232-6296.

Who do I contact to request phone or data drop service?

Submit your request with all relevant information to Ray Medearis, 512-232-1468, or Ken Bonin, 512-232-6296.

Who do I contact for cell phone, long distance, or voicemail (SmartVoice) issues?

To report any issues with your cell phone, long distance, or voicemail, contact Ray Medearis at 512-232-1468 or Ken Bonin at 512-232-6296.

How do I obtain/replace a proximity card?

If you’re a new employee, contact Dawn Sample at 512-471-4572 or Ken Bonin at 512-232-6296 for assistance.

To replace your damaged/lost proximity card, visit the ID Center, located on the first floor of the Flawn Academic Center (FAC).

Who do I contact to report RICOH printer problems?

To report any problems with your RICOH printer, submit a description of the problem with the model number of the printer to Ray Medearis at 512-232-1468 or Ken Bonin at 512-232-6296.

How do I submit a UEM facility management service request?

For all UEM-facility-related service requests, such as maintenance/minor repairs, contact Ken Bonin at 512-232-6296.

Who do I ask for questions about keys?

If you have misplaced a key or are a new employee that needs a key, contact Ken Bonin at 512-232-6296 for assistance. We will need to determine whether it is a Locks-and-Keys-issued key or a UEM-issued key.

When will I receive my paycheck?

The university pays annual salaries on the first work day of each month for the previous month of work. Overtime, shift differential (night shift), and on-call program pay are paid on a semi-monthly basis. See the Payroll Schedule for specific deadline dates. For specific information regarding paycheck disbursements, contact Dawn Sample at 512-471-4572.

When will my benefits become effective?

University benefits are effective beginning on the first day of employment. There may be extenuating circumstances when being placed on a leave of absence without pay, which may affect benefit coverage and will be discussed on a case-by-case basis. Contact Dawn Sample at 512-471-4572 or Human Resource Services at 512-471-4772 for additional information.