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Bidding and Contracting Opportunities

Bidding and Contracting

We use a bidding process to select outside contractors and subcontractors involved in UEM projects. During the course of our projects there is a bidding phase in which we receive price offers from various contractors and subcontractors. We also contract with outside professional service providers during many of our projects.

Please contact our purchasing division to find out how you can contract with us or for a list of current contract and bid opportunities visit our Bid/Contract Calendar or the university’s BidWeb.

HUB Services

In keeping with the university’s commitment to using historically underutilized business and small business firms (HUBs), UEM makes it a priority to promote the use of HUBs in all of our purchasing and contracting operations.

If you have questions or need assistance regarding our HUB services, contact Muriel D. Kruse at 512-475-6856. You can also find more information about HUBs by visiting the following Web sites:

Payment Inquiries

See the terms and agreements section on your contract/purchase order for specific details about whom to contact for payment inquiries.



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