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Utility Billing and Metering

About UEM Billing

Our Billing section handles the billing and metering of the university’s on-and-off-campus buildings. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service by responding to questions and concerns promptly. If you have any questions about your bill please call 512-471-4646.

UEM bills for the following services:

  • Electricity
  • Chilled water
  • Gas
  • Steam
  • Water
  • Waste water

Frequently Asked Questions

How are utilities billed?

Utilities are billed based on monthly meter readings, monthly consumption, or occasionally according to historical usage if no reading is obtained.

How do I read our utility bill?

Each billed utility service is listed by service type (i.e., water, electricity, etc.) along with the amount billed for each service. The bill lists the current and previous meter readings (if applicable), any multiplier and a percent allocation designated for each meter. If you have questions regarding your percentage allocation, consumption or cost allocations, please contact Vianey Borrego at 512-471-4646.

When is our bill due?

Your department or business is billed according to the terms determined at the time of account set up. In most cases, university departments are billed via an interdepartmental transfer. We strive to bill monthly, but at times it may take longer to see your charge/bill. If you have questions regarding billing, contact Vianey Borrego at 512-471-4646.

What if I am an outside vendor, where should I submit my check?

If you are an outside vendor, please make your check payable to The University of Texas at Austin and submit your check to the address below:

The University of Texas at Austin
Attn: UEM Billing
P.O. Box 7459
Austin, TX 78713

How do I dispute a bill amount?

If you have a question regarding your billing and would like further clarification, please contact Vianey Borrego.

How do I update our account address or contact information?

Contact our Billing section at 512-471-4646 or e-mail us.