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Job Certification Program

UEM staff members are involved in a comprehensive Job Certification Program. Its purpose is to distinguish our department as the best-trained university utility department in the United States.

Program Description

The Job Certification Program consists of two separate aspects:

  1. Computer-Based Training: This is an interactive, test-based CD-ROM. Each UEM employee with a maintenance or operations job classification is enrolled in this computer-based training program. This aspect of the certification is based on a minimum of 29 different test-based safety modules, and relevant industry maintenance and operations training modules. The maintenance training consists of 59 video modules, and 77 operations video training modules are part of PRIMEDIA. It is mandatory that all 29 safety modules are done. However, the operations and maintenance curriculums are selected based on relevance to the specific job classification.
  2. Site and Tool Specific Training: Each job classification works on specific equipment using specific tools. We do site-specific training so employees can physically demonstrate that they are competent in the operations and maintenance of the equipment they work with and work on. Employees must demonstrate before the department supervisor that they are competent in all aspects of operations and maintenance of their site-specific equipment. The program was professionally developed by Industrial Resources Inc. (IRI), which specializes in developing training programs in the utility industry.

The following positions require certification within the first 18 months of employment:

Chilling Stations Maintenance:

Chilling station maintenance mechanics
Chilling station electrical and instrument technicians

Chilling Station Operations:

Chilling station operators
Water treatment laboratory technicians

Electrical Distribution:

Electrical distribution electricians
Power systems technicians
Emergency systems technicians

Mechanical Distribution:

Maintenance mechanics
Steam fitters
Utilities plumbers
Utilities insulators

Power Plant Electrical Maintenance:

Power plant electrical and instrument technicians

Power Plant Machine Shop:

Power plant machinists

Power Plant Mechanical Maintenance:

Power plant maintenance mechanics and workers
Power plant utilities welders
Power plant utilities insulators

Power Plant and Chilling Stations:

Utilities station operators
Water treatment lab technicians