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About Safety and Training

Our Safety Office provides support to UEM staff members in the areas of industrial hygiene, occupational health, safety and training. Our Safety Office also works with the university’s Environmental Health and Safety department to ensure compliance with industry standards for the protection and health of every UEM employee. Because the Electrical Distribution, Mechanical Distribution, and Power Plant divisions have different training needs, the Safety Office offers a variety of programs to meet these needs.

Safety and Training Programs

UEM is committed to ensuring a safe and healthy environment for each of our employees. To support this commitment, the Safety Office developed the following programs:

Job Certification Program

The Job Certification Program uses competency testing and hands-on demonstration to certify that our employees understand how to perform their specific job duties. When employees become certified for their job classifications, this means they have demonstrated the skills and competency to perform their job duties as related to a national standard for their job titles. You can learn more about this safety initiative by reading detailed information about our Job Certification Program.

Supervisor’s and Manager’s Training Program

The Supervisor’s and Manager’s Training Program enrolls managers, supervisors, and assistant supervisors who perform in a supervisory role. The program is designed to help these supervisory employees stay up-to-date on issues in human resources, and on the department-specific ways policies and procedures are enforced within UEM. Similar to the Job Certification Program, certification is required within 18 months of employment with UEM. Upon completion of the program, supervisors and managers will have the leadership and management skills needed to provide the highest quality utility services to the university.

The Safety Protection Program

The Safety Protection Program is another initiative of our Safety Office. It is based on a 2001-2005 report that compiled statistics on workforce injuries suffered by UEM employees. The program focuses on implementing a "safety first" culture and creating written safety programs and procedures for our workforce. To learn more, read about our safety mentality and safety rules. Also see the components of our program as follows: